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Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Home and Small Office

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Small Office and Home (Antivirus, Internet Security, Advanced, and Total) is a centralised management system that helps you protect your data and keep your business secure. There are also tools available to assist you in avoiding a complex IT structure as your business grows.

You choose the level that best meets your current needs, and if these change, you can simply add new functionality.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Antivirus

Provides superior protection (anti-malware) against malicious software and viruses, as well as a firewall to keep your business safe from unauthorised external connections. Both can be easily managed from the same location.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Internet Security

Anti-malware, firewall, mobile device management (MDM), and endpoint control tools are all included. MDM assists you in the deployment, management, and protection of smartphones and tablets, including employee-owned devices.

Web, Device, and Application Control enables you to restrict internet access, the use of external 'plug-in' devices such as USBs, and even the use of software applications to only those you've approved. Dynamic Whitelisting provides an additional layer of security by ensuring that only genuine and trustworthy applications are installed. Again, this functionality is easily managed through the same user-friendly management interface.

Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Advanced

Included are anti-malware, firewall, MDM, control tools, and encryption, which takes your security a step further by rendering your data 'useless' if it falls into the wrong hands.Includes anti-malware, firewall, MDM, control tools, and encryption, which increases your security by rendering your data 'useless' if it falls into the wrong hands.

Furthermore, our Systems Management tools will assist you in managing your IT setup without adding complexity. It includes IT performance tools such as patch management, hardware and software inventories, and OS and application provisioning, all of which can be managed and administered from a single location.

Kaspersky Total Security for Total Security

Included are anti-malware, firewall, MDM, control tools, encryption, and systems management, as well as mail, web gateway, and SharePoint collaboration server protection to ensure your entire IT environment is protected from outside cyberthreats.

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