Ambrane P-1122 NA 10000 mAh Power Bank (White, Blue, Lithium-ion)

 Brand: Ambrane
Battery  -Ion
 mAh ( Capacity): 10000
No of Output Ports: 3
Output Power: 5V/2.1A

Indicative LED lights
Bar shape torch light with 180° rotation
APB Li-ion cell fabrication
1 year warranty on product

This product is limited to 2 unit per customerThe order quantity for this product is limited to 2 unit per customer, Please note that orders which exceed the quantity limit will be auto-canceled.

120.00$ 110.00$

  • INR: ₹ 8,336.35



P-1122, Portable Ambrane power bank have been carefully selected to offer you the most versatile solution on the go with triple output port competency that means one can charge three devices simultaneously. Design and build- P-1122, a high capacity Ambrane Power Bank of 10000mAh, experience seamless entertainment by charge your multimedia device. Power banks P-1122, made from various colour splash over it, so pick one of it according to your choice with 10000mAh power packs Triple output charging ports are available in the device from where three smart devices can be charged at the same time. Charging capability- P-1122 has Long Lasting Capacity of 10000mAh. As P-1122 has the high charging capability Ambrane Power bank make you feel the worth of having power that can charge your smart device more than thrice number of times. Gadget’s compatibility- P-1122 is compatible with almost all the smart phone, smart watches, media players and tablets. Ambrane R&D experts inferred that P-1122 can charge digital devices, which are working on 5V with relevant current rating.

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