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About BlueQore?

BlueQore provides Co-development services to a software development company in the United States, translating their product vision and technological leadership into functionality and features that add value to end users. Our offshore software development services are best used when an organisation is faced with a large but short-term project, as it can limit the number of new employees and administrative staff.We are the defenders of the client's intellectual property, proprietary software, and new development specifications at BlueQore. At the end of any project, clients retain sole control of all intellectual property rights and software source code. We are your offshore software development partners, and we are entirely committed to performing your project in a prompt and effective, efficient, and productive way.

The following are the primary advantages of outsourcing software development to BlueQore:

  • Experience developing customised, fully integrated systems for industry leaders.
  • Respond to any changes or additions to the project as soon as possible and as flexibly as possible.
  • Sincere commitment of programmers to meeting deadlines.
  • Methodology for establishing long-term relationships for offshore software development services.
  • Commitment to maximising client benefits.

The Advantages of BlueQore?

BlueQore provides its clients with outsourcing advantages that significantly reduce the costs of custom application development. Clients benefit from their business relationship with BlueQore for the following reasons.

  • Flexible hiring options that meet the client's project and budget requirements.
  • Clients have been increased in software application development for better results.
  • Application maintenance services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Provides cutting-edge technology so that clients can gain or maintain a competitive advantage for a long time.

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